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ECO Energy Meter : AU-Version-M8.jpg

Model No: M8, AU Version

Plug-in ECO Energy Meter

Features and Specifications:

-Slimline and compact design, only takes one outlet space;

-Plug-in version, easy to monitor any appliances;

-Measure and display instant power in watts, hourly running cost in cents and hourly CO2 emission in kgs;

-Measure and display total running time in hours and minutes, cumulative energy in kWh, total cost in dollars and total CO2 emission in kgs;

-Preset energy rate and CO2 emission rate at your local average level, easy to adjust them if needed;

-Instrument grade, high accuracy, 1% typical, 2% maximum;

-Big LCD with big figures display;

-When there is a power interruption, all cumulative data is saved.

 -Built-in surge protection;

-SAA certificate: SAA110049EA

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