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Remote Control Power Strips : JP-Version-PT6-RF.jpg

Model No: PT6-RF, JP Version

6-Outlet OA Tap with RF Remote Control

Features and Specifications:

-Manual ON/OFF switch with neon light indicator;

-Two Always-On outlets, four individual remote control outlets;

-Individual outlet indicator;

-Switches on/off appliances through walls and ceilings by the remote;

-Working at 315MHz radio frequency;

-30 meters control range;

-One press All-On, one press All-Off control;

-Unique code to avoid any interference;

-Individual outlet safety shutter;

-15A resettable overload circuit breaker;

-2 meters VCTF 2.0 power cable with rotatable plug;

-Maximum surge current: 30,000 amps, maximum surge energy: 420 Joules

-Complies with PSE standards

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